Pregnant Woman, 3 Children Die From Flu In Tennessee

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Flu germs spread all over the country with widespread flu activity right here in Kansas and doctors are scrambling to treat the high number of patients.

In addition, studies suggest that the process of manufacturing the vaccine may have compromised its effectiveness against H3N2 because it can mutate when grown in eggs - and Canada uses egg-based vaccines, Tam said. Using the opposite seasons in the southern and northern hemispheres, the World Health Organization selects viruses that had spread in the southern hemisphere and prepares vaccines against the chosen viruses for the northern hemisphere where Korea belongs.

Influenza cases have continued to increase since the health authorities issued a flu watch on December 1.

Schaffner cautions against using this statistic to predict how well the vaccine will work in the USA, since this is not official CDC data, but warns to could be a bad sign.

Like the 2014-2015 season, most patients are contracting a strain of influenza known as H3N2.

"We are seeing a lot of influenza strain A out there, and it's looking not as good (a fit) with the vaccine choice", she said. "You contribute to your own protection and a healthier community - a community where there is less likelihood of spread".

Despite that, he said, "it's still extremely important to get the vaccine".

"It is late and so do not walk, run", said Schaffner.

Along with plenty of rest and fluids, your doctor's office can prescribe an anti-viral to help you feel better, faster.

It can take up to two weeks for the body to build up defenses against the virus, he added.

The State Department of Health says 25 flu-related deaths had been recorded statewide by December 30 during the current flu season.

The most recent death was a pregnant woman. "So, we recommend getting vaccinated as soon as possible", the KCDC official said. The county Health Department is not aware of any flu medicine shortages at local pharmacies, but is closely monitoring the situation. Those included restricting hospital visits for those under age 18, limiting visitors to two per patient, promoting hand washing and assessing visitors for respiratory illness symptoms and asking them to leave or wear a mask.

"Stay home, don't go to work, don't go to the gym, don't go to religious services", he said.

And keep in mind to consider antiviral medications, like Tamiflu.

We already mentioned the early outbreak.

"Having received medical advice concerning the increasing risk and impact of Australian flu, the diocese of Down and Connor has made a decision to reactivate. precautionary measures originally established by the diocese in response to the swine flu epidemic in 2009", Bishop Noel Treanor said in a statement, according to The Guardian.

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