Record Share of Americans Strongly Disapprove of Trump

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           Almost Half Of Republicans Say Negative Coverage Of Trump – Even If Accurate – Is Fake News
       By Farron Cousi

Home Media Almost Half Of Republicans Say Negative Coverage Of Trump – Even If Accurate – Is Fake News By Farron Cousi

The new finding contrasts to the frequent rebuke by USA politicians of China's growing global influence.

The country's leadership approval rating dropped 18 percent from 48 percent in the last year of Obama's term in office and was four points lower than the previous low of 34 percent in the last year of Bush's time in the White House. Similarly, disapproval of the us president has soared from 28 to 43 percent over the same time period. "The global median who do not have an opinion about USA leadership in 2017 (23 percent) is similar to the 25 percent in the a year ago of the Obama presidency". Approval ratings in Portugal went down by 51 points.

President Donald Trump's approval rating has ping-ponged between a low of 35% and a high of 45% during his first year in office - the worst record of any of the most recent seven presidents, according to Gallup. His approval rating started in the mid-40s (still his high-water mark), dropped as low as the mid-30s, and has rebounded to somewhere in between.

"Portugal, Belgium, Norway and Canada led the declines worldwide, with approval ratings of US leadership dropping 40 points or more in each country". They were asked about Chinese leadership in 135.

In two of its immediate neighbors, only 20 percent in Canada and 16 percent in Mexico approved of United States leadership. And now, even before they have seen their own personal tax cuts (which are coming for about 90 percent of us), American are already waking up to the media's non-stop lies about this tax bill. But our analysis of Gallup approval ratings for the first 365 days of every presidency back to Jimmy Carter indicates that Trump is nearly always at the back of the pack in the race for support from fellow Americans. It declined substantially in 21 out of the 28 current members of the European Union. Regionally, the image of the US was weaker in virtually every part of the world, registering record lows within multiple countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Polling data reveal the US has seen its biggest losses in Portual, Belgium, Norway and Canada, each experiencing a drop in approval rating of at least 40 percent.

"However the world feels about USA leadership, it hasn't affected how the world feels about the American dream", Clifton said. When it came to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation countries, 18 nations out of the 28 showed a decline of 10 points or more. Japan, South Korea and the Philippines also saw double-digit declines. China was at 31 percent and Russian Federation at 27 percent.

Trump, who campaigned on the promise of "America First", abandoned the Trans-Pacific Partnership and withdrew from the Paris climate accord, may not care too much about what citizens of other countries think of United States leadership during his presidency.

The Trump administration has abandoned the trade agreement of Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Paris climate change accord.

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