The Game Boy returns without Nintendo's involvement

GIZMODOThe Gameboy Is Making A Comeback Shannon Grixti

GIZMODOThe Gameboy Is Making A Comeback Shannon Grixti

The device is still in development, so for now Hyperkin has dubbed it the Ultra Game Boy, which actually seems to be a very fair description.

We doubt that Nintendo is going to release a Game Boy Classic Edition given some of the logistical impracticalities of that arrangement - and the fact that the Switch and 3DS are more appealing venues for Game Boy games - so those who crave the feel of a classic Game Boy may want to consider this remodel.

Hyperkin, a company well-versed in making peripherals and replacement parts (including various Game Boy accessories) for gamers, just rolled out what they're calling the "Ultra Game Boy" at the Consumer Electronics Show. The console even has stereo speakers despite old-school Game Boy games only supporting a mono audio playback. The Ultra GB is a modern take on the old Game Boy Pocket and runs classic cartridges from across the entire Game Boy library. It's also housed in an aluminum casing, giving it far more durability than the plastic Game Boy shells we're all used to.

This isn't Hyperkin's first foray into Game Boy nostalgia. But it's not clear yet if it will provide emulator-style benefits like Super Game Boy color palettes, save states, and the ability to save ROM images of your actual cartridges.

A six-hour battery, rechargeable via USB Type-C cable, is the main one, alongside a backlit screen which can be turned up and down depending on how much of a sucker for punishment you intend to be.

Retro gaming consoles already have a massive presence in the tech world, as the unbelievable demand for things like the NES Classic and the SNES Classic has proven.

Looking to be ready towards the end of Summer, the Ultra Game Boy is set to cost under $100, which could appeal to people with stacks of retro Game Boy cartridges.

Gizmodo reports on a Hyperkin-made product tentatively called the Ultra Game Boy.

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