Tom Hardy Talks 'Venom' From Brazil Comic-Con

Tom hardy

Tom hardy

Embedded below, it brought us up close and personal with Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock, a reporter (Boston Globe?) who's about to have his life upturned by an alien symbiote. This obviously confirms that the Life Foundation is the primary antagonist in the story.

In the comics, these five horrific beings - Agony, Phage, Riot, Lasher and Scream. - were spawned from Venom and went on to wreak havoc.

Going one step further, it's now understood that Venom will largely center on the Life Foundation, given the text on Eddie Brock's notebook (see below) makes reference to the nefarious organization. Hard to tell, but it does look like the film will follow Brock's origins to becoming Venom closely.

Although much has been teased about Marvel's upcoming Spider-Man spinoff Venom, most of the plot had been left to speculation and has really been kept under wraps.

The second entry in Brock's notebook reads: "What about the allegations your empire is built on?".

The film takes place in San Francisco and Fleischer drew primary inspiration from two comic runs, Lethal Protector-which saw Venom moving to San Francisco where he tackles five new offspring of the Venom Symbiote-and Planet of the Symbiotes, where Earth is invaded by an army of symbiotes.

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