Trump Says He Doesn't Think Winfrey Will Run

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Winfrey made her first campaign appearances on Obama's behalf in December of that year, and it is logical to assume that her support won him votes in the primaries, though it is not possible to know how many.

"They're going to run her like she's this glorious woman that cares, meanwhile she's literally the wingman going out and getting tail-and I guess you're going to say it, I'm going to say it-she's well known with Weinstein to enjoy tail together".

Wow, it looks like "a new day is on the horizon!".

He said he spoke to a lot of people around her, and "there's basically bedlam in Oprahland" with many people around Winfrey begging her to run for president in 2020 following her emotional speech accepting the Cecil B. DeMille award at Sunday's Golden Globes.

"She loves this country and would like to be of service in some way, but I don't think she's actively considering it at this time", King said, noting that she had spoken to Winfrey at length the night before.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

Van Jones took media fanboying over Oprah Winfrey's hypothetical political future to a new level Monday evening, calling her the "queen of the universe" who would "destroy" anyone in front of her if she ran for president.

Nearly two decades ago on CNN, Trump said that if was to ever run for president, he would choose Ms Winfrey as his running mate, according to a report on the BBC web site. Like Oprah Winfrey, Ivanka Trump has been subject of rumors about her potential presidential ambitions. "I mean, people see Oprah and Weinstein, they go in the room with a couple hot, young chicks and it's party time", Jones said. When she raised her volume and used repetition to declare the end of the era when powerful men could abuse women with impunity - "But their time is up".

Hollywood Reporter critic Daniel Fienberg noted the similarity between Winfrey and President Donald Trump. It offered hope - a commodity that has been in desperately short supply.

Bill O'Reilly, a Trump supporter and ex-Fox News anchor disgraced by sexual harassment allegations, wrote, "How can any politician attack Oprah, a feminine icon, human rights hero, civil rights champion and beloved human being?" The life of a billionaire media mogul is much more pleasant than the life of a president. "What chance could she possibly have of becoming president?" He added that "When President Trump refuses to speak in stale political platitudes, his critics think he is missing something".

She added, "You always have the right to change her mind". All have regretted it.

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