With expansion to screens and cars, Google Assistant is officially everywhere

Amazon's Alexa will call Kevin's getaway car

Amazon's Alexa will call Kevin's getaway car

But one problem with voice assistants is that it's very hard to discover what actions you can actually perform.

Finally, Google announced new incentives for developers who create apps for the Google Assistant. You'll see trending actions, as well as those made for kids, food and drink related items, productivity actions, sports, weather, etc. And that Assistant works with over 1,500 smart devices from over 200 brands, with more on the way. For example, there are Nest, LG, and Wemo sections that'll show you the actions you can take with their smart products.

Google's Android Auto interface for cars has quite a reach, and works very well, but it's about to get a lot better with Google Assistant being pushed out to head units in the USA this week. Mine now has Explore and Your Stuff tabs.

Reviews of the Google Assistant experience with Pixel Buds and Bose QuietComfort 35 II found this to be a standout issue, since accessing the real estate in your ears is markedly different from delivering a buzz in your pocket or a card that pops up on your phone's lock screen. Only this week is Google rolling out the Assistant found on phones, tablets, headphones, TVs, and smartwatches to cars. With these integrations, millions of new smart home devices are being connected to the Assistant every month, so you can stay in control, whether you want to heat up the house, check on the laundry or make sure you locked the back door. There are hundreds of applications to choose from, and Google's directory of them makes it easy to search through and find ones you might find useful. And we bet you'll find a few gems you never knew the Assistant could do. But apparently, that wasn't the real Google Assistant. If last year's CES was the year of Alexa, Google Assistant is dominating the conversation in 2018.

A new app directory wasn't the only Google Assistant news this week.

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