Barnaby Joyce Will NOT Be Acting PM While Turnbull Is Overseas

The code stipulates that

The code stipulates that"partners of ministers cannot be given jobs in ministerial offices without the express approval of the prime minister

Mr Turnbull was scathing in his assessment of Mr Joyce's personal dramas.

Opposition lawmaker Mark Dreyfus said a ministerial code of conduct stated that ministers "must not seek or encourage any form of gift in their personal capacity" and must act with regard for integrity, fairness, accountability, responsibility, and the public interest.

"I think we know that the real issue is the awful hurt and humiliation" Joyce has caused to his wife, daughters and new partner, Mr Turnbull told reporters.

Later on Thursday, Turnbull revealed changes to ministerial rules as a response to Joyce's "shocking error of judgement".

He has set off a world of woe for those women and appalled all of us.

Earlier Turnbull told parliament that when he visits the United States next week, Senate leader Mathias Cormann - not Joyce - would be acting prime minister. Ministers should be very conscious that their spouses and children sacrifice a great deal so they can carry on their political career and their families deserve honour and respect.

He has denied allegations that he had breached guidelines surrounding giving jobs to ministers' partners when Campion was given a promotion past year to leave his office for another government job. The motion had no force and was essentially a record of majority sentiment towards him.

The prime minister said that while Joyce may not have breached the letter of the ministerial code of conduct with his actions, he had certainly breached the spirit of it.

Joyce's leave comes as the opposition Australian Labor Party (ALP) continues its pursuit of him over his extramarital affair with former staffer Vikki Campion, namely over a series of promotions she gained after engaging in a relationship with Joyce and their living situation.

PM Malcolm Turnbull announces made the announcement in Parlaiment.

Finance minister Matthias Cormann will take on the role instead of Joyce, because deputy Liberal leader Julie Bishop is also overseas.

Ministers should also recognise that they must lead by example.

"Doing so will constitute a breach of the standards".

Mr Joyce told Parliament he was not aware his administration had made a $5000 payment to Armidale businessman Greg Maguire, who had given the Nationals leader free accommodation when Mr Joyce's marriage collapsed.

In a press briefing, he condemned Barnaby Joyce for a "shocking error of judgement".

"I have to admit I was unaware of that $5000 payment", he said.

Labor leader Bill Shorten asked.

It is understood he only relented today.

The situation was about to get very, very awkward, but thankfully Joyce and Turnbull have come up with a cheeky little solution.

He made a public apology to them on Tuesday and defended the two jobs, one for a minister, that Campion was given after she stopped working for him past year. "Or are we simply meant to believe it's all a big coincidence?"

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