Black tech workers are the lowest paid in the industry

Hired 2017 salaries by race

Hired 2017 salaries by race

In order to bridge the pay gap, Hired offers a simple solution to tech workers of color: in salary negotiations, ask for a few thousand dollars more than you think you should as for.

New York City tech workers are making more money than they did previous year, but they're still being stretched thin by a sky-high housing market. It also turns out white tech workers ask for more money, according to Hired's data. The data showed that tech workers in the city made an average of $118,000 annually in 2017, a 7 percent jump from the year before.

Hired looked at pay information in 10 US and 3 worldwide hubs and analyzed data from 69,000 people on its platform who searched for positions as software engineers, product managers, data analyst positions, and designers.

"New York salaries have gone up", said Mehul Patel, CEO of Hired. Ultimately though, Hispanic candidates are offered $1K more than their black counterparts. However, the average white tech worker receives a $136,000 salary, while their black counterparts receive $6,000 less.

In the end, black tech workers ended up with average offers of $130,000, while whites received $136,000. But even when an offer beats their initial request, it's still relative to the lower number.

London ranked one spot above Paris with tech workers, which Hired defined as roles in software engineering, design, product management and data analytics, earning an average of $78,000, or £58,000. Under normal circumstances, a talent shortage tends to lead to higher salaries, raising questions of what makes this situation different.

"While everybody gets more than they ask for, you should understand your market worth", Patel said.

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