Facebook Inc (FB) Will Launch Two Smart Speakers This Summer



Facebook has signed deals with Sony and Universal Music, which may add more features into the smart speakers, according to DigiTimes.

Ultimately, Facebook's success in the smart speaker world will likely be determined by the quality of its A.I. assistant. Obviously, you need to experience Facebook's many products on this device, and that's why a screen is required.

According to a report in Taipai-based website Digitimes, the two models dubbed Aloha and Fiona will feature15-inch touchscreens which will be supplied by LG Display.

In a bid to take on the likes of Amazon and Google, commentators affirm the "laptop-sized" touchscreens on Facebook's smart speakers will provide a unique point of difference. With speakers themselves becoming ubiquitous, it's important to set the product apart with a powerful differentiator - which may wind up being some interesting integrations with Facebook itself.

Facebook is reportedly planning to launch two smart speakers with massive 15-inch displays this summer, marking the social media giant's first foray into the now-crowded market.

The devices won't be Echo or HomePod lookalikes.

The devices have been speculated to cost an upwards of $499 (£370), making them much pricier than similar products now on the market, such as Amazon's $39 (£27) Echo Dot. Portal will a wide-angle lens up front for this objective.

Facebook is planning to build its own ecosystem for video consumer devices in the next five years, and the smart speaker is just the initial-stage product, with more terminal devices expected to be rolled out in the coming years, industry sources said.

Facebook is outsourcing the touchscreen for the devices from LG, while Taiwan's Pegatron is reported to be the sole contract assembler for the devices.

Since then, a report from Cheddar speculated that Facebook would instead try to position the device as a way for families and friends to stay connected through video chatting and various features. The other is said to be more focused on social networking and music streaming. But both firms declined to comment on matters concerning clients.

Facebook would also equip the Portal with sophisticated, 360-degree cameras that can scan for people nearby and 'lock onto them, ' the report claims.

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