Firm to assist in search for next Amherst County Public Schools superintendent

This search for a Wake County schools superintendent is less political, some say

This search for a Wake County schools superintendent is less political, some say

On Jan. 18 the district released a proposal to obtain superintendent search firms, and it received seven proposals with the top four to be brought back for discussion at the upcoming meeting, Board of Education Board President Laurie Endres said.

It was chaotic as parents, teachers and community members shouted at the governing board when one member initially moved to table the agenda item. In addition, face-to-face individual interviews will be conducted with the school board, the Board of Supervisors, central office staff and administrators, parent groups and any other stakeholder in the community the school board would like, to ensure participation, he said. Included in the plan was a possible turnaround behind the pool and a front door canopy for Beloit Memorial High School (BMHS). Hayes-Greene said Wilson has been working with the school district for decades and has a valuable institutional memory of the district and community, but Hayes-Greene also wanted to know what Casserly thought of "having another set of eyes besides Jill and her firm".

Board member Robert Frisch called Gauthier's amendment "a step in the right direction", saying it "certainly sends a message to the public that it's a matter that we are paying close attention to".

"I want to do what's best for the kids. So I think that needs to be something that's really focused on going forward".

He said he made the amendment based on concerns expressed by staff at "all levels of the school system" and from his constituents. The board hopes to hire a new superintendent in the spring who can begin work July 1. At this point, there are no estimated costs for the approach. "If this is successful, why would we want to limit it to three schools?"

"It could happen", she said.

Also, according to the agenda, board members discussed personnel/employment matters.

Board member Nathan Berseth proposed looking for an independent investigator, something other members said they believed was a good idea.

The board will vote on these items during their upcoming meeting February 27. Since January 2017, the board had been divided 3-3 and had started every regular meeting with tie votes on selecting a chairman and vice chairman.

Rabbia thanked "the community and the Rome City School District, and all the past and current board members, for their support". Stephens, 10 years in school leadership as principal, 20 years in education, previously with BOLD.

Karp said the finance board "predicated their reduction on unsubstantiated health care assumptions and further increases in revenue from the LINKS program".

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