Former `Charles in Charge' actor claims abuse by Scott Baio

Scott Baio abuse claims: Actor Alexander Polinsky to speak out about sexual harassment, abuse

Scott Baio abuse claims: Actor Alexander Polinsky to speak out about sexual harassment, abuse

Being a child, Polinsky thought the position was harmless.

"I was so naive I innocently hopped on his lap expecting to hear a story about Fonzi or Happy Days or something awesome", he said.

Baio, who has vehemently denied Eggert's claims, had a similar response to Polinsky. He said Baio would direct homophobic slurs at him, and on one occasion, he was thrown to the floor by Baio when he went to sit on his lap. "I felt confusion, shame and then fear when I realized that I had judged the situation wrong. It was sexual in nature", he said.

Eggert, along with confirming Polinsky's account, filed a police report regarding Baio's alleged molestation of her, which she says began when she was 14. She said Polinsky was in the wrong place at the wrong time and saw something he wasn't supposed to see. Mr. Baio repeatedly told me about gay sex acts that he told me I would grow up to perform.

Scott Baio poses with Alexander Polinsky back in the 1980s on the set of TV show, Charles in Charge. "Another time, he laughed as he cut a hole in my dressing room and exposed his genitals to me". Polinsky recalled another instance in which he faked throwing a basketball to Baio. There was also an incident when Baio dumped a cup of hot coffee in Polinsky's face.

"I sat with you while you cried", Carl said on social media.

Alexander Polinsky continued to describe a work environment that consisted of physical and verbal abuse and bullying. Eggert and Polinsky both appeared on the show from 1987-90.

Polinsky said adults on the show were aware of what was happening, "but were too scared of losing a job on a hit show to act". "Child abuse hurts, it deforms, it teaches children they are trash".

At the press conference Eggert apologised publicly to Polinsky for not speaking up on his behalf when both were teenagers working on the show. "I'm praying for him in all of this".

McGrath also displayed photos of a smiling Polinsky with Baio - pictures she said were taken about seven years ago at Baio's birthday party - countering Polinsky's claim that he was "unready or unwilling" to speak to Baio on the phone about a decade ago. She also said he penetrated her with his finger when she was 14.

The former "Charles in Charge" star clears up discrepancies in her claims. He said that observing his co-star behaving in such a way with Eggert, someone so close to his age, ultimately sent him into a depression and he believes the ensuing harassment from Baio was "mental torture" in retaliation to what he had seen. I wish to be a small part of the change in the world. "Today is about rejecting all of that and it's about standing up against child abuse". "We were kids, children. famous actor kids, but still kids". "Scott Baio told me I was never going to be loved by a woman in my life because I was so effeminate".

They said Baio would cooperate with any Los Angeles Police Department investigation.

During the Eggert and Polinsky news conference, attorney Bloom said that Polinsky and at least 10 others on the "Charles in Charge" set had witnessed Baio's alleged sexually inappropriate treatment of Eggert, according to the Hollywood Reporter. "He did reach out to Nicole first, but after a period of time he decided that he [Polinsky] was ready", Bloom continued.

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