German Foreign Minister: Trump Support Not Necessarily Good for Israel

Scholars rally for Gaza hospitals amid power crisis

Scholars rally for Gaza hospitals amid power crisis

In an interview published on Sunday, Mr Trump also told an Israeli newspaper that he was sceptical that either side - Palestinians or Israelis - were ready to make peace.

"Right now the Palestinians aren't willing to make peace, they're not", Trump said when asked about the long-anticipated revelation of his administration's Middle East peace plan.

"I think both sides will have to make hard compromises to reach a peace agreement", the president said.

Asked by daily when the USA would present its peace plan, Trump said: "We will see what happens".

"The Palestinian side insists of forming a multilateral approach to overlook the peace process with the Israeli side" in an attempt to disregard the United States from its former role in the peace process, he said.

Asked about the issue of settlements, Trump called them "something that very much complicates and always have complicated making peace".

"I don't know frankly if we are going to even have talks, we will see what happens, but I think it is very foolish for the Palestinians and I also think it would be very foolish for the Israelis if they don't make a deal. It's our only opportunity and it will never happen after this".

"As a friend of Israel, and as a foreign minister of a country with a special commitment to your country's security, I am sincerely concerned about Israel's mid- to long-term options", he said in an address to the Institute for National Security Studies' annual conference.

The president added that as part of the plan, "We will be talking about settlements".

He told WAFA that Abbas' visit to Russian Federation comes amid extremely complicated circumstances where the region is affected by major events and escalating developments as a result to the USA decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and transfer the embassy to it. Guatemala was one of nine countries that voted with the United States against a United Nations General Assembly resolution in December rejecting any recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. "And I think it was a very important point".

Despite his reservations about Israeli policy in Judea and Samaria, President Trump praised Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, calling him a "terrific leader".

"I mean you certainly weren't very close with Obama, he gave you the Iran deal, which basically is a deal that says let's ultimately do bad things to Israel", Trump said.

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