Google Overhauling Android OS to Lure iPhone Users

Google Overhauling Android OS to Lure iPhone Users

Google Overhauling Android OS to Lure iPhone Users

The latest app to receive such treatment is Google's Gmail app in which Gmail Go has been launched for Android devices.

Despite the smaller size, the Go version of Gmail app works a lot like the original app, and also comes with some additional features and some design tweaks here and there.

Mobile operating systems are always being refined, and Android Oreo is certainly no exception. Google is also thinking of adding the assistant into the search bar on the Android home screen, but "neither of these changes are finalized for introduction this year". Bloomberg reported it is also expected to improve the battery life of Android devices and be able to handle newly designed phones including ones that have multiple screens or screens that can be folded. So, Gmail Go is almost half in size than the regular Gmail app that we have been using for the past so many years.

If you are completely impressed with the new Gmail Go app and have been using a low end Android smartphone, the Gmail Go application is already available on the Play Store which you can install right away on your device. The company will offer a "smarter" inbox, which will focus on messages from friends and family first, while social and promotional emails will be stacked separately.

All in all, the Gmail Go app experience is identical to that of the main app - it has all the neat options like multi-select, short cuts to jump from inbox to compose mail and swipe gestures, and because this app is very light and quick, loading an email loads the entire content (including images) much faster than before. Yes, just like normal smartphones, with every Gmail you attach to the services, you will get 15GB of free space on the Google Drive so you can store up things on Cloud platform using this service.

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