Google's Project Fi now offers data coverage in 170 countries

Project Fi Will Provide $80 Service Credit to New Customers

Project Fi Will Provide $80 Service Credit to New Customers

Google's Project Fi would already work in 135 countries around the world, but today that number balloons to a whopping 170. New countries where service is now available include the likes of Belize and Myanmar.

Previously, Project Fi offered worldwide data in 135 countries, but that number has been increased to 170, including some countries like Monaco and Nigeria.

Luckily, Project Fi is running a deal to celebrate the addition of these new countries: score an $80 bill credit with the purchase of any Project Fi-compatible phone from the company's website. The cost of voice calls varies based on the country.

Project Fi Will Provide $80 Service Credit
Google's Project Fi now scans Gmail to inform travelers if service will be available on their trip

T-Mobile, which offers unlimited global data for most of its post-paid plans, says it covers "140+ countries". You'll even know if a country is covered before you go just by opening the Fi app. The list is indeed long, and can be seen in full over on Project Fi's worldwide coverage page. Google has a page that lists all 170 covered nations. In each of the cases, free roaming is covered while you're visiting.

These notifications will be enabled by default, but you can elect to disable them via the Project Fi settings menu.

Besides that, Google is adding a handy (if not a bit intrusive) feature that will "let you know whether you're covered on your next trip based on your upcoming global flights from Gmail". This applies to global data, too. You don't have to worry about overages either, because Bill Protection caps you out at $80 per month, no matter what.

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