Kendall Jenner dragged into palimony suit filed by Blake Griffin's ex-fiancee

Blake Griffin's Ex Is Accusing Him Of Embarrassing His Family With Kendall Jenner- She Filed A Palimony Suit Against Him

Blake Griffin's Ex Is Accusing Him Of Embarrassing His Family With Kendall Jenner- She Filed A Palimony Suit Against Him

Brynn filed a palimony suit against Blake, and she claimed that he is 'cruelly embarrassing his family with his public fawning over [Kendall] Jenner, ' he told her he 'had no intention of continuing to live with her'. Cameron and Griffin were in an on again/off again relationship for 8 years, and Cameron says that, though they were engaged, Griffin called off the wedding shortly before he allegedly began seeing Jenner. The suit doesn't specify how much money she's looking for, but TMZ said the amount is likely in the millions.

In July, Griffin signed a five-year contract extension worth $171.2 million with the Los Angeles Clippers last July.

According to the lawsuit, filed on Valentine's Day by high-powered celebrity lawyer Bryan Freedman, Griffin made repeated pledges to Cameron, promising to support her after insisting she abandon her sports marketing job and interior design business. "In Griffin's absence, Cameron's brother [Jordan, a former National Football League tight end] has had to provide Cameron and the children with financial support". Meanwhile, Griffin is raking in over $200 million between his lucrative National Basketball Association contract and endorsements.

Cameron paints herself as a supportive girlfriend during her relationship with Griffin, saying she supported him through injuries, counseled him on personal matters and was his cheerleader.

"Griffin himself, however, knows very well what breaching promises is all about. After all, Griffin had no problem trading Brynn Cameron, his former fiancee, and the mother of his 2 children, for reality television star Kendall Jenner".

After she declined, she alleged he called off the wedding a week before and 'immediately embarked on a high-profile affair with [Kendall]'.

She claims that he skipped their daughter's first birthday in September and instead jetted to New York City to be with the young model, all of which she learned through tabloid reports.

It was reported in December that Griffin's romance with Jenner had sparked a nasty custody battle. "To change that dynamic, Cameron would coach Griffin on how to communicate his issues".

"Some might say that Griffin received karmic justice by learning of his departure on social media, the same way he ungraciously allowed Cameron to discover her 'trade.'"

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