NJ dreamer's story told by Pelosi during marathon DACA speech

Government officially shuts down as Senate misses budget deadline

Government officially shuts down as Senate misses budget deadline

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks during a town hall-style meeting, Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018, at the Cambridge Public Library, in Cambridge, Mass.

But earlier Thursday, Pelosi called it a "good bill" and said she "fought very hard for numerous things that are in there", even as she said she wouldn't vote for it. "I read a bunch of quotes today that they are not sure what she got for that and that they were very disappointed", she added.

And she did it all while wearing 4-inch high-heels.

With a deal not yet signed to keep the government funded long-term, Nancy Pelosi made her case during a marathon speech over DACA.

With just over a day until America's latest budget deal expires, the Democrats are split over whether or not to vote for a new Continuing Resolution that does not include protection for immigrants who came to this country as children (known as DREAMers), but whose work permits and protection from deportation are set to expire on March 5.

Flake said Trump "sees a political downside of not fixing" DACA. In support of DREAM Act she said, "The young people are our future and these dreamers are part of that". They've been enriched.by the greatness of our country.

She continued: "Our plea to the speaker is for us, for ourselves, to honor the values of our founders".

The California Democrat spoke for more than 8 hours before yielding the floor.

"House Democrats have a voice here and we must be heard", Pelosi wrote. The votes are there - enough "moderate" Republicans would side with the Democratic caucus to make DACA permanent. (There are 435 members in all, so giving them limitless time could easily ground the government to a halt.) But as the minority leader, Pelosi has the privilege to speak for much longer - theoretically for as long as she wants, although Speaker Paul Ryan could have intervened to cut her off. A number of House Democrats are now demanding a debate on immigration and have called on House Speaker Paul Ryan to allow for such a conversation. Now Pelosi is echoing demands from progressives and immigration activists hoping to secure DREAMers' fate with this deal. "It's time to get the job done".

"We have an opportunity now that is nearly matchless" to get something done, Pelosi said, soon after she began speaking.

And Pelosi sent out an email listing the reasons she was opposed to the bill a few hours later, but she left noticeable breathing room for members of her conference to support it.

Nancy Pelosi has broken the record for the longest continuous speech in Congress in an effort to force a vote on protection for DACA recipients on Wednesday.

Boehner's roughly one hour speech was dubbed a "fila-Boehner".

But Pelosi and Democrats are anxious he won't bring an immigration bill to the floor even if it passes the Senate, especially if it doesn't include everything the president wants, like funding for a border wall. GOP opposition to the plan was credited with helping to start the Tea Party movement.

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