Russians not invited to Olympics despite doping ban repeal

Olympics - Evidence against Russians strong despite CAS blow: IOC

Olympics - Evidence against Russians strong despite CAS blow: IOC

On February 1, CAS fully upheld 28 and partially upheld 11 appeals filed by Russian athletes disqualified for life from participating in the Olympic games because of the doping suspicions.

Despite this lack of information, Myles said a memo was sent to the entire Canadian team to "say we don't want to get in those situations" as well as give the half apology to Russia's team.

He also added that the refusal to honor the CAS ruling is beyond comprehension and that the IOC's decision will have far-reaching repercussions.

CAS upheld the appeal of 28 athletes due to insufficient evidence but the International Olympic Committee still refused to invite them saying the evidence was there. "If we need more time, perhaps it will be Friday morning".

"For 28 cases, the appeal was accepted and our decision annulled", International Olympic Committee member Denis Oswald, who led the commission, told an International Olympic Committee session in Pyeongchong yesterday.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) restricted Russian Federation from Pyeongchang over "precise control" of the counter doping framework in Sochi four years back however left the entryway open for competitors with no history of doping to contend as neutrals.

However, Russian athletes who can prove they are clean will be invited to compete under a neutral flag, and will be known as Olympic Athletes from Russia (OAR). Other than their names, their jerseys bore only one tag: "Olympic Athlete From Russia - a requirement of anti-doping penalties against their country".

Despite officially not competing in the Games, Russia, along with North Korea, has dominated debate in the lead-up to Friday's opening ceremony.

The IOC has been talking about welcoming the Russian Olympic Committee, now suspended, back into the Olympic community, possibly as soon as the closing ceremonies.

"The Panel unanimously recommended that the IOC not extend an invitation to the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 to the 15 individuals requested by the suspended ROC [Russian Olympic Committee]", said a committee's statement on Monday.

At a meeting in Pyeongchang on Tuesday, Pound said: "The IOC has not only failed to protect clean athletes but has made it possible for cheating athletes to prevail against the clean athletes".

All six were originally refused invitations to compete by the IOC.

The IOC said in a statement the objective of the review panel was "to confirm that athletes can be considered clean for a potential invitation to the Olympic Winter Games".

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