Trump to Congress: 'Come back with a counter-proposal' on infrastructure

US President Donald Trump smiles during his meeting with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Oval office at the White House in Washington DC

US President Donald Trump smiles during his meeting with his Kazakh counterpart Nursultan Nazarbayev in the Oval office at the White House in Washington DC

Mulvaney shakes up office policing racism in lending GOP chairman: Republicans" reactions "mixed' on gas tax increase Trump gets chance to sell nation on rebuilding plan MORE (R-Pa.) said after attending a White House meeting about infrastructure on Wednesday that the president remains "open" to increasing the tax.

But Trump's most recent budget marked a departure from some provisions of his first spending plan past year.

Health IT funding took a hit in President Donald Trump's budget blueprint to Congress that once again featured a 37% cut to the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT.

A $1.8 billion increase over 2017 spending.

In keeping with another Trump campaign promise, the budget provides for $200 billion in federal funds meant to spur $1.5 trillion in infrastructure investments with state, local and private partners over the next 10 years - an ambitious program that will have to be approved by Congress.

As for private sector involvement, EPI says firms "will not build infrastructure for free, but will expect a return on investment".

In addition, Mulvaney was on Capitol Hill in order to defend the proposal, in the document to vote against Trump's budget proposal if he were still in Congress, he said that he "probably would have found enough shortcoming". Retirement benefits would remain mostly untouched by Trump's plan, as he has pledged, though Medicare providers would absorb about $500 billion in cuts - a almost 6 percent reduction. It came just three days after the president signed a bipartisan agreement that set broad parameters for spending over the next two years. Instead, Congress and Mr. Trump just agreed to a massive two-year boost in discretionary spending, following on similarly massive tax cuts last year.

While AHRQ's budget will be zeroed, according to the Administration's budget justification, NIRSQ will continue projects to develop clinical decision support tools to bring electronic information to clinicians "at the right time to assist with making the right diagnosis" in an effort to reduce diagnostic errors. The federal government would pay no more than 20 percent of new money generated.

But after his aides talked up that plan over the weekend, Trump suggested that his infrastructure proposal wasn't a big deal for him.

"I personally, don't see how they can [operate efficiently]", Leary says, adding that ONC has scaled back its staff even as their portfolio grows.

The proposal also includes changes to federal education and workforce development programs such as the Perkins Career and Technical Education Program and work-study programs.

There was immediate opposition from Democrats.

"While there are a number of issues on which President Trump and I disagree, today, we agreed that things worth having are worth paying for", Carper said in a statement.

Some Republicans, on the other hand, said spending was much too high.

Trump's plan aims at other familiar targets.

The Office of Civil Rights got a deeper cut than the president's proposed $6 million reduction previous year.

But the administration chose to begin with health care and relations with Democrats have only grown more strained during a turbulent, contentious year.

But the Trump administration is rejecting that plan and the frustrated project developer is waiting to hear whether a deal can be reached, CBS2's Janelle Burrell reported. But any tax increase would represent a political risk for members of Congress in an election year.

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