Turkish army, FSA liberate 3 more villages in NW Syria

Turkish army, FSA liberate 3 more villages in NW Syria

Turkish army, FSA liberate 3 more villages in NW Syria

"We are urging them to show restraint in their operations in Afrin", the official said, "and to show restraint further along the line across the border in northern Syria".

The investigation against Buldan was launched a day after she was elected, with a prosecutor citing her comments against the offensive in Syria, which she has described as an attack on civilian Kurds. But the proposed new assistance to the Kurds, outlined Monday in the Trump administration's budget request, clearly undermined the calming effort. Some 10,000 Syrian opposition fighters paid, trained, and equipped by Turkey are also participating in the campaign. "I am calling on the people of the United States - this money is coming out of the budget of the USA, it is coming out of people's pockets", Erdogan said. "If a terror organization is attacking your ally, as a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation member you have to stand against this".

Speaking in Kuwait at a gathering of the 74-member coalition to defeat ISIS, Tillerson said the war against ISIS is far from over, even in Iraq and Syria.

"It is very clear that those who say "we will respond aggressively if you hit us" have never experienced an Ottoman slap", Erdogan said in parliament.

"I think the United States feels a sense of responsibility to try and continue to help the Kurds; they are clearly a very effective military ally as they were in Iraq and in Syria against [IS]", Hintz stated, adding Washington has been "hesitant to involve itself".

The Erdogan government is particularly angry over the USA military's support for the so-called People's Protection Units, a mainly Kurdish group known by the acronym YPG.

The two USA generals' trip was the first by such senior United States military officers to the front in northern Syria since Erdoğan threatened to attack Manbij.

"ISIS remains a serious threat to the stability of the region, our homelands and other parts of the globe", he said. Photo credit should read US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gives a press conference on the sidelines of a a ministerial meeting in Kuwait City on February 13, 2018, gathering representatives of member states of the US-led military coalition that has been battling the Islamic State jihadist group in Iraq and neighbouring Syria.

Turkey's hardly the only distraction. "So the U.S.is always going to advocate for an electoral process that respects the rights of its citizens to make the choices the citizens want to make and the full participation of citizens in those elections", he said. Iran and its proxies in Syria have clashed with Israel. Needless to say, Turkey is a strategic ally of Western powers in the region as well. The U.S. has indicated it is willing to contribute around three billion, but it's unclear where the rest of the money will come from. Turks have said the offensive could extend to Manbij and beyond.

The street outside the US Embassy in Turkey is to be renamed "Olive Branch" after the operation in Syria against US-backed Kurdish forces, the mayor of Ankara announced yesterday according to Reuters.

Such tensions have hit Turkish public opinion, with 83 percent holding unfavourable views of the USA, a Center for American Progress poll showed this week.

"Putin's number one operational goal in Syria is to stabilize and prop up the Assad regime, including the return of previously rebel or ISIS held territory under regime control", Alina Polyakova, a fellow at the Brookings Institution's Foreign Policy Program, said in an email. "Our tactics are tactics of annihilation".

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