YouTube Just Cut Off Ads On All Logan Paul's Videos

Entertainment | 1 hour

Entertainment | 1 hour

YouTube has suspended all advertising from Logan Paul's YouTube channels - citing a pattern of behavior in his videos that makes his content "unsuitable for brands".

The controversial YouTuber has been dealing with heavy backlash due to a video he posted on December 31st from Japan's "Suicide Forest" in which he appeared to show a suicide victim. Paul deliberately tried to monetize the video on YouTube before he deleted it and apologized.

In addition, he fired a taser on a dead rat in his most recent video, as YouTube noted in announcing its decision to pull ads from Logan's channels.

YouTube announced in a statement on Friday that it would temporarily be suspending adverts on Logan's YouTube channels, meaning he will no longer be able to monetise his account, which now has over 16.5 million followers.

Stopping Paul's ad revenue stops a stream that digital analytics firm SocialBlade claims is worth more than US$1.2 million a month.

KitGuru Says: While I can applaud YouTube for finally stepping in to set an example so that its bigger YouTubers don't abuse their power and influence, I have to criticise that the platform is still playing favourites and showing a lot of leniency.

PETA has called on YouTube to take action regarding the video, saying, "This sort of content has no place on YouTube or anywhere else, as it could desensitize young people to cruelty to animals", PETA Senior Vice President Lisa Lange told TMZ.

YouTube has already suspended projects on which its subscription service, YouTube Red, was working with Paul, and removed him from its Google Preferred programme, which means advertisers find it harder to connect with him.

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