Amazon Alexa calling can now be used on tablets

Paranormal … Alexa – Amazon's digital assistant laughs and spreads fear to its users!

Paranormal … Alexa – Amazon's digital assistant laughs and spreads fear to its users!

If you have an Amazon Echo, or any virtual assistant for that matter, it can be a bit of a pain to keep summoning the miniature AI with the wake-up command.

When more and more related user stories began to circulate online, Amazon eventually recognized the problem and promised to do something about it.

We haven't personally experienced the bug.

It's a small change, but if you're an active Echo user this is the kind of thing to make your life a little less frustrating.

Amazon says that Alexa will only respond to follow-ups if she's "confident" that it's a legitimate request and not just background noise, so I'll be curious to see how good she is at distinguishing between the two. Amazon has since recognized the issue and promised to work on a fix.

Amazon has also said it has several ways of dealing with the problem. It also won't activate while you're listening to music, streaming an audiobook or making an Alexa call.

They added: "In rare circumstances, Alexa can mistakenly hear the phrase 'Alexa, laugh.' We are changing that phrase to be 'Alexa, can you laugh?' which is less likely to have false positives, and we are disabling the short utterance 'Alexa, laugh'".

Users of the Alexa app on smartphones have already been able to take advantage of free calls, and the update essentially rolls out this capability to tablets.

It is is sometimes rather amusing how easily Amazon can be confused. As usual, saying "stop", "cancel" or "go to sleep" will stop Alexa from listening. Have you experienced and amusing moments?

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