Apple scraps iTunes LP format

Apple iTunes LP

Apple iTunes LP

The way it works is that they are automatically included in the download when purchasing a full album, but not all albums have LPs. Your iTunes LP will be reviewed by iTunes for quality and appropriate content. It also specified, "existing LP's are set to be deprecated from the store throughout the remainder of 2018". According to, Apple has written an email to figures in the music industry announcing the withdrawal of LPs from iTunes.

The leaked email was reportedly sent almost two weeks ago, signed by "The Apple Music Team" from an "The iTunes Store" address.

iTunes LPs are not what you think.

"Apple will no longer accept new submissions of iTunes LPs after March 2018". Traditionally, LP stands for "long-playing" record and refers to vinyl records that are 30cm in diameter and have a speed of 33⅓ revolutions per minute.

Now it looks like Apple is ending iTunes LP support entirely.

According to Apple's website, the iTunes LP service provides users with a multimedia experience for their fave albums. One of the OMAs' inaugural categories was Best iTunes LP. Launched in 2009, the iTunes LP was a format that encouraged iTunes patrons to buy entire albums by adding in video documentary extras, bonus tracks, liner notes, and sometimes even fancy interactive elements.

However, the uptake of this feature over the last 9 years hasn't been great.

Back then, a report (that was later rebuffed by Apple) suggested the service would be killed off in 2018.

This seems to be the big question following the iTunes LP announcement.

"At some stage in the future, Apple having an iTunes music store will be as incongruous as Currys selling black and white TVs". Spotify is now reigning in the streaming landscape, with twice as many subscribers as Apple Music, but Apple is expected to eclipse those numbers by this summer.

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