Captain Toad Treasure Tracker Is Coming To Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Odyssey Screenshot

Super Mario Odyssey Screenshot

Captain Toad was one of the more adorable games on the Wii U, coming as a surprise standalone offshoot from Super Mario 3D World's Captain Toad minigame.

All of the content you may remember from the Wii U version will be completely intact, but there will also be a series of new miniature courses thrown into the game, including various Kingdoms taken straight out of Super Mario Odyssey.

Check out the trailer above, and prepare for adventure when Treasure Tracker comes to both Switch and 3DS this July! The game is anticipated to launch on July 14. And now, Captain Toad's quest for treasure continues as he makes his way onto Nintendo Switch and 3DS in Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker, as revealed in yesterday's Nintendo Direct.

The Switch version has a two-player mode, where you can control the Captain with one Joy-Con while a friend can play assist against enemies with another controller.

Not familiar with Captain Toad's Treasure Tracker? The problem is that the team realized that having such levels in a game with a character that could jump complicated the design process considerably. Even without asymmetrical play, though, Captain Toad is a blast. It's a must play for those who never had the chance to experience it.

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