Chuck Todd: 'I Bring My Kids Up to Respect the President'

Todd clearly struck a nerve with Trump who called him out within the first few minutes of his rally on Saturday night

Todd clearly struck a nerve with Trump who called him out within the first few minutes of his rally on Saturday night

The president's train of thought began with North Korea, a topic he'd been asked about on Meet the Press almost 20 years ago: "Did you ever see the story where, it's 1999, I'm on Meet the Press, a show now headed by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd", Trump said. Referring to "Meet the Press", Trump advised it was now headed by "sleepy eyes Chuck Todd", a "sleeping son of a bitch". His statement was made during a Sunday interview with Washington DC NBC affiliate News 4.

Meanwhile, Trump's treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin, appeared to shrug off the United States leader's tendency to give people "funny names".

"I bring my kids up to respect the office of the presidency and the president", he said during an appearance on NBC4 Saturday night.

He urged his audience not to jeer North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un while goading the crowd to boo the press.

Donald Trump's treasury secretary did not seem concerned about the President's rhetoric at his Saturday night rally, despite several controversial comments on public figures including an African-American congresswoman and a network news anchor.

"Our credibility is being challenged now by the president", Todd said.

"Sleepy-eyed Chuck" is one of the many monikers that Trump has used to belittle his detractors.

Todd continued to lecture about role models, but Mnuchin said his focus is on policy, though he did note that "there were a lot of amusing moments on that rally".

Former Congressman Joe Walsh also went online to express his opinion on the matter. Todd interrupted. "Don't worry about him as a role model?"

"For a long time, he used to call me up and be upset because I wasn't taking the idea of him running for president seriously in 2011", Todd said. "Live look at Chuck Todd on Meet the Press this morning", he tweeted alongside a photoshopped picture of Todd bundled up in a children's sleeping bag.

Not to be outdone, Todd took the insult and turned it on its face. "We have been focused on for the a year ago creating solid economic growth".

Todd, whom Trump derided throughout the campaign as "sleepy eyes Chuck Todd", responded to Mnuchin with a deadpan tone. "Democrats only like free speech when it applies to them", he tweeted.

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