Democrat up 2 points in latest PA-18 special election poll

From left Pennsylvania Democratic candidate Connor Lamb U.S. President Donald Trump Pennsylvania Republican candidate Rick Saccone. Lamb has outraised Saccone in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district six to one

From left Pennsylvania Democratic candidate Connor Lamb U.S. President Donald Trump Pennsylvania Republican candidate Rick Saccone. Lamb has outraised Saccone in Pennsylvania's 18th congressional district six to one

A new Monmouth University poll out Monday afternoon shows Democrat Conor Lamb leading GOP candidate Rick "I was Trump before Trump was Trump" Saccone, but the margin is slight - meaning political operatives and pundits are preparing for all eventualities.

Saccone, a 60-year-old state lawmaker, has struggled with an electorate that favored Trump by almost 20 percentage points just 16 months ago. Mrs. Pelosi and her leadership circle have looked on the promised Lamb apostasy with bemusement, tolerating anything that works because they understand that a conservative Democrat is doomed to be neutered once he arrives in Washington.

Moulton and Lamb are united by military service and an antiestablishment streak that has caused both men to speak out against House minority leader Nancy Pelosi. More than 70 witnesses have been brought before the panel and 300,000 documents reviewed, Conaway said, but Democrats say important files, including bank documents, were not subpoenaed and major witnesses like former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, under indictment by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, were never interviewed. In 2014 and 2016, no Democrat even ran against him.

One GOP official said Saccone, a state representative, has been a "failure" due to his lackluster campaigning and reliance on Trump - and coolly added that Lamb, a former Marine, has been clever in sharing aspects of Trump's stances and running as an outsider in courting Republican voters. "He has helped me in this campaign from the very beginning".

Donald Trump won the 18th Congressional District by 20 points against Hillary Clinton in the last presidential election.

The new face of a blue-collar family with political roots, Mr Lamb is socially conservative and economically moderate, and backs Mr Trump's tariffs on steel and aluminium imports. "He lied. He said that you would be sick of winning", Trump Jr. said. On the last day before voting, Trump weighed in again as Saccone tried to fend off an unexpectedly strong challenge by Democrat Conor Lamb in a district Trump won easily in 2016. But no matter the outcome, the race points to troubling signs ahead for the Republican Party.

The new map splits most of the current 18th Congressional District between the new heavily Republican 14th District and a more competitive 17th Congressional District.

Still, Democrats want to use the race as another way to needle Trump.

The president's eldest son joined Republican candidate Rick Saccone for ice cream in Canonsburg, Pa., on March 12, the final day of campaigning in Pennsylvania's special congressional election. "No matter what happens in Pennsylvania, there should be no reason this race is as close as it is".

The crowd, it was clear, was Trump supporters.

Who is raising more money in the special election?

He's up against 33-year-old Conor Lamb, who pitches himself as an independent-minded Democrat. "The incredible Republican spending is going to have an effect, even though Lamb has been smart in not letting the race get nationalised like we saw in the special congressional election in Atlanta previous year".

The event was planned as a photo opportunity; neither Saccone nor Trump Jr. would be talking to the press, an advisory warned. He also has a military background, having served in the Air Force.

Republicans have dumped millions of dollars into the race to keep it in GOP hands and fend off an embarrassing loss, and President Trump himself visited the district over the weekend to throw his support behind Saccone.

Since taking office, Trump has been an active campaigner for Republicans in primaries and special elections, with mixed results. She dismissed Lamb with the nickname the president had given him on Saturday night: "Lamb the Sham". "He's progun, he's protariff, he's pro-Trump essentially, " she said. Like many special elections, the race is being closely monitored for clues about what it could mean for the upcoming midterm elections. Democratic groups spent only $855,591.

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