Greece: 15 migrants killed in worst accident in months

14 Feared Dead From Suspected Migrant Boat Sinking Off A Greek Island

14 Feared Dead From Suspected Migrant Boat Sinking Off A Greek Island

Greek police say two people died and seven were injured, a lot of them seriously, when the driver of a auto carrying undocumented migrants lost control while chased by police and the vehicle was upended. The nationalities of the victims are still unknown, police say.

Police recovered eight more bodies after the corpses of a man, a woman and four children surfaced off the island of Agathonissi. According to reports, coast guard officials said there were at least three more migrants that were unaccounted for.

Greece's coast guard said today the bodies of 14 people have been recovered from the sea off a Greek island in the eastern Aegean following the sinking of a suspected migrant smuggling boat.

"We can not and must not tolerate people, children, losing their lives in the Aegean", Greece's Migration Minister Dimitris Vitsas said.

It is believed at least four others are missing and a major search and rescue operation is under way off the island of Agathonisi, south of Samos.

Hundreds of refugees and migrants perished in the Aegean Sea waters since 2015 when hundreds of thousands of people started risking their lives to cross into Greece from Turkey. Hundreds died trying to make it across.

In March 2016, Turkey and the European Union agreed on a deal under which Ankara pledged to take back all undocumented migrants who arrive in EU states through its territory in exchange for the accommodation of Syrian refugees on a one-for-one basis in Turkey as well as for major concessions on membership and visas.

The EU-Turkey deal has been criticised by humanitarian groups deterring people from coming who under worldwide law must be granted asylum, such as those fleeing war-torn countries like Syria.

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