Jeremy Corbyn: Labour must reject full European Union single market membership

Report UK Labour leader belongs to secret anti Semitic Facebook group

Report UK Labour leader belongs to secret anti Semitic Facebook group

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn acknowledges delegates' applause before giving his keynote speech to the Scottish Labour Party Conference at the Caird Hall on March 9 2018 in Dundee.

The Labour leader told the party's Scottish conference that the UK's post-Brexit relationship with the European Union must be "fully compatible" with his radical agenda, including nationalising the railways and stopping employers "importing" cheap labour.

Corbyn said he thought the message about what a Labour Government could do would reach out to those who now see independence as the best route to change: "We would challenge austerity, and we would invest in housing, health and education in Scotland and across the country".

Several local constituency branches, as well as former leader Kezia Dugdale, had called on the party to allow a vote on whether or not to remain in the European single market after the country leaves the European Union.

Earlier, Scottish Labour's ruling body was accused of stifling debate by deciding that motions calling for the party to join the single market were out-of-date.

He said the United Kingdom should have a "jobs-first Brexit" deal that must be compatible with Labour's plans, including proposals to nationalise the railways and postal service.

"That would leave us as mere rule-takers and isn't a tenable position for a democracy".

This, Mr Corbyn insisted, "shows why a Labour government is needed so badly to steer the negotiations in a sensible direction".

At the 2017 General Election, the Labour Party's unexpectedly strong showing saw it seize highly affluent areas in the south of England and London that had never before been held by Labour, such as the seats of Kensington and Canterbury.

"We are ready to put into practice our common sense policies to end austerity, invest in people's futures and radically transform our society so that it works for the many not the few".

"Indeed, national governments across the continent have ownership stakes in many sectors including energy, rail and water companies".

Mr Corbyn has been criticised for failing to demand that Theresa May fights to keep the United Kingdom inside the single market, with many Labour supporters believing a soft Brexit would be less damaging.

Scottish Labour MP Ian Murray and former Scottish leader Kezia Dugdale are also in the Scottish Labour for the Single Market group with Ms Stihler.

A senior pro-EU source in Scottish Labour said: "It will be a democratic outrage if a vote on permanent single market membership is blocked in this way".

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