Pakistan's arms imports from US plummet by 76pc: SIPRI

Nearly half of US arms exports go to the Middle East

Nearly half of US arms exports go to the Middle East

The volume of worldwide transfers of major weapons in 2013-17 was 10 per cent higher than in 2008-12.

China is the dominant supplier of weapons to India's neighbourhood, emerging as the biggest exporter of arms - from rifles to combat aircraft and warships - to Pakistan, Myanmar and Bangladesh, latest data gathered by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) shows.

The Islamic kingdom, which is the world's second-largest arms importer behind India, agreed last week to buy 48 highly advanced fighter jets from Britain's BAE Systems amid protests by human rights activists, who allege that Riyadh uses arms procured from western countries to kill innocent civilians in Yemen.

"The USA's exports of major arms grew by 25 percent between 2008-12 and 2013-17, further widening the gap between it and all other arms exporters", the report read.

SIPRI, an independent institute, monitors arms deliveries by volume over periods of five years in order to iron out short-term fluctuations. As many as 31% of arms transfers to West Asia went to Saudi Arabia, 14% to Egypt and 13% to the United Arab Emirates, the study showed.

A SIPRI report on trends in global arms transfers also reflects the changing geopolitics of South Asia, with sales of weapons to Pakistan by the United States dropping by a significant 76 per cent in the past five years.

Arms exports by Russian Federation decreased by 7.1 per cent between 2008-12 and 2013-17.

The Middle East received nearly half of the us arms exports from 2013 to 2017, it said.

Despite its continuing tensions with India and ongoing internal conflicts, Pakistan's weapon imports decreased by 36% between 2008-12 and 2013-17.

"This development is part of the growing strategic partnership between the two countries under which the U.S. has begun to supply India with advanced military equipment", the report said. "Major ongoing arms deals in 2017 included the delivery of combat aircraft from China and Russian Federation", it says.

India is the world's largest weapon importer with 12% over the period under review.

"Deliveries to Algeria and China, for example, continued throughout 2013-17 but were at lower levels than the previous five-year period", it added.

Russian Federation was India's top supplier, accounting for 62 percent of the country's arms imports.

Beijing, whose weapons exports rose by 38 percent in the five-year period, is the main arms supplier for Myanmar, accounting for 68 percent of imports.

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