Pakistan's top security official visits Afghanistan today for crucial talks

Top Pakistan Security Official to Visit Afghanistan for Crucial Talks

Top Pakistan Security Official to Visit Afghanistan for Crucial Talks

A Taliban suicide attacker blew up a bomb-laden vehicle in Kabul during rush hour on Saturday, killing at least two civilians, as militants dial up pressure in the capital amid calls for peace talks.

Taliban insurgents and like-minded groups would continue to harm people by conducting suicide bombings in Kabul to divert the attention of security forces from countryside to the big cities to reduce military pressure on militants, political analyst Khan Mohammad Daneshjo said.

The visit of Pakistani delegation comes three weeks after President Ghani made a peace offer to the Taliban and talks with Pakistan during an global conference in Kabul.

According to Nasrat Rahimi, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, all the victims of the Saturday's suicide attack in Kabul are innocent civilians. The blast happened at a time when many people were driving to work.

The blast came days after the top USA general in Afghanistan said protecting the capital was "our main effort".

Jan Agha said the attacker targeted a "foreign convoy", but was not successful.

Taliban has reportedly taken responsibility for the attack blaming the growing pressure to take up the Afghan government's offer of peace talks.

The most recent was on 9 March when a suicide bomber blew himself up in a Shiite area of the city, killing at least nine people.

The Taliban have not yet publicly responded to the offer, prompting expectations the insurgents are mulling about whether to come to the negotiating table, Pakistan and USA officials said.

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