Phillipines' President Should Visit Psychiatrist-UN Commissioner

Philippine president needs 'psychiatric evaluation': UN rights chief

Philippine president needs 'psychiatric evaluation': UN rights chief

Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte's slurs against United Nations human rights activists suggest he needs to see a psychiatrist, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Al-Hussein told a news conference on Friday.

In a petition filed in a Manila court last month, the department of justice listed more than 600 people it wanted to be categorised as rebels for "using acts of terror" to undermine the government.

Cayetano said Zeid's remarks "could set a unsafe precedent that the Council would have to immediately address as otherwise member-states could also fall victim to those who seek to politicise and weaponise human rights to undermine legitimate governments".

Meanwhile, the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra'ad al-Hussein told reporters in Geneva that Duterte needs to be checked by a doctor.

Zeid also referred to a pending case against the UN's special rapporteur on the rights of indigenous people, Victoria Tauli Carpuz. "This kind of comment is unacceptable, unacceptable", Al-Hussein said.

Zarate said many will see that the petition is only a "harrassement suit" aiming to silence dissent, similar to how the government launched assaults on independent institutions critical to the administration, like the Supreme Court and the Office of the Ombudsman.

The petition will allow government to monitor listed "terrorists" more closely, track finances and curb access to resources, among other measures.

"There's a long history in the Philippines of the state security forces and pro-government militias assassinating people labeled as NPA members or supporters", Conde wrote. But he abandoned the process in November, after what he called repeated attacks by the NPA during talks.

Worldwide rights groups and local critics have accused Duterte of drifting toward authoritarianism after declaring martial law in the south during a major attack by pro-Islamic State group militants a year ago.

"The Philippines is perturbed over the manner in which a ranking United Nations human rights official can overstep his mandate and insult leaders of member-states without first giving them due process", Cayetano said.

This developed after Palace spokesman Harry Roque Jr. maintained that United Nations special rapporteur on extrajudicial executions Agnes Callamard, who has been the subject of Duterte's tirades, was "not welcome" in the Philippines.

Others included in the government petition are four former priests, the environmental campaigner Sherwin de Vera, the CPP founder, José Maria Sison, and 18 leaders of the party.

She was listed in a government petition, alongside others including a Catholic priest and a former congressman, that was recently submitted to a Manila court.

There was no basis for the charge of terrorism, said Mr Sison, who was a mentor of Mr Duterte when he was at university, although the two are now bitter rivals.

Philippine women's rights group Gabriela accused Duterte of promoting violence against women with his comments and led a demonstration against the president on Thursday for International Women's Day.

When it comes to disturbing rhetoric, Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte is no stranger to the practice of stunning his viewers with a diverse range of obscenities.

"Duterte is engaged in a wild anti-communist witch hunt under the guise of anti-terrorism", he said.

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