Republicans trash their candidate in Pa. special election - Source Politico

Trump lends White House weight to House race in Pa.

Trump lends White House weight to House race in Pa.

The race is in the historically Republican 18th District, and President Trump went to Pennsylvania in January to help Saccone's chances. The fact that it will have one on March 13 makes this the most important 2018 voting before November 6.

Republicans have sunk millions of dollars into derailing Mr. Lamb and making sure that Democrats do not emerge with bragging rights ahead of the midterm elections, where the GOP majority in the House is considered vulnerable. The president is expected to tout his recently announced plan to slap tariffs on steel imports as proof that he is fighting to revitalize the steel industry, which touches around 170,000 workers and families in the district. He has been vocal about his disagreements with President Trump's agenda and decisions, and he has also not backed down from running in 2020.

Lamb, a former federal prosecutor and Marine veteran, leads the GOP state legislator by 48 percent to 44 percent in the new RABA Research poll.

Similarly, the poll suggests a lopsided edge for Democratic enthusiasm: Though the district is fairly solidly Republican, 41 percent of those surveyed said they were Democratic and 40 percent identified as Republican.

Conway lashed out at Lamb as "extreme" on abortion, seizing on his opposition to a ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Drawing little energy from within, Saccone has been forced to outsource the lifeblood of many successful campaigns - the so-called get-out-the-vote operation - to paid contractors and the national GOP, which has scrambled to pick up the slack. He's pro-gun and personally opposed to abortion, although he has said he wouldn't vote to restrict access. But the Democratic Party platform is not.

There's evidence to support Biden's assertion that Lamb can win. "I watched 30 seconds of video of Conor Lamb and I watched 30 seconds of video of Rick Saccone, and I concluded this was going to be a challenging race", Corry Bliss, the executive director of Congressional Leadership Fund, a super-PAC aligned with House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wis. "So I don't believe it". The White House disputed the independent agency's findings.

Lamb, meanwhile, shrugged off news of the White House's aggressive strategy when asked late Wednesday.

In a brief interview as volunteers buzzed through the two-story office, the first-time candidate insisted that winning elections isn't "rocket science". Just trust me, I would kick his ass. It's people that are from here talking to neighbors and going to their churches. "I care about a lot of things, and Trump doesn't".

A Lamb win would serve as a rebuke to President Trump, in a district he carried by almost 20 points that is very much thought of as "Trump Country".

Lamb has mostly shied away from national Democrats, saying the party needs new leadership and distancing himself from House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif. Angle has worked on successful campaigns in red states and districts across the country and said that Lamb's strategy can be replicated elsewhere.

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