Sea of Thieves gets one last (massive) beta before launch

Sea of Thieves Screenshots

Sea of Thieves Screenshots

In the latest Sea of Thieves Developer Update, Executive Producer Joe Neate announces that the final beta will be running until Sunday and is open for everyone to play on Xbox One and PC. In addition to the Gold Hoarder voyages that were available in other betas, there will also be Merchant Alliance voyages this time around, adding some variety to the game. Will other players have seen it?

This is open to absolutely anyone to play, and can be downloaded now from the Store on Xbox One and Windows 10.

Neate later then emphasises in the video that this is still just a beta so issues are expected so that the team can address prior to the games official launch later this month. Should Rare's servers get overcrowded, the company might place players trying to log on into a queue, while those who are in-game might experience some store outages at times of heavy load. The Sea of Thieves Final Beta requires an Xbox LIVE account on both PC and Xbox One, with an Xbox LIVE Gold subscription required on Xbox One. You'll also encounter skeleton forts out on the open seas, which will be identified by a skull-shaped cloud in the sky above the fort.

After several months of testing, the final release of Sea of Thieves is coming closer. We felt that getting our game into players' hands early, learning from their feedback and building a community around this game was critical for a new, shared world experience like Sea of Thieves.

Absolutely! Whether co-streaming on Mixer, sharing on Twitch, uploading to YouTube or sharing via Game DVR, we are thoroughly looking forward to seeing what our players get up to. Most excitingly, we've seen many, many unbelievable stories from our players, and recently we allowed them to share these with the world during our Closed Beta.

According to the changelog, This beta carries some new features that haven't been seen in previous closed sessions, such as the newly implemented Xbox One X enhancements, bringing 4K support and high-resolution textures.

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