Shadow Of The Tomb Raider Has Leaked Alongside Its Release Date

After 4 weekends atop the box office Black Panther may finally be dethroned by the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot

After 4 weekends atop the box office Black Panther may finally be dethroned by the upcoming Tomb Raider reboot

The reboot of "Tomb Raider" has Alicia Vikander play a young Lara Croft, in a coming-of-age adventure. Lara is the primary focus of the movie and Uthaug focuses on the elements from the game that make her special. Writing, 'Do I have to be the asshole who says her tits are too small for me to see her as Lara Croft? Her rival for the Triangle is the hilariously named Illuminati agent Manfred Powell (Iain Glen, who parlayed his Tomb Raider credentials into a recurring role in the Resident Evil movies before popping up as Game of Thrones' Ser Jorah Mormont).

It has some cool fight scenes and a neat tomb to raid.

Square Enix released a teaser site for the next Tomb Raider game, and it accidentally reveals numerous game's secrets, including a release date, the date of major reveals and more. It does none of it any favors. While seven years have passed - enough for reasonable folks to assume Richard has now become ancient history as well - Lara refuses to believe it and treks off to locate the source of her dad's obsession. Not to forget everyone's favorite - pre-order incentives!

In fairness to Vikander, she does a reasonable job of characterising a tough, yet vulnerable, female lead with a complex relationship with her missing father.

Tomb Raider returns to the theaters this week.

Tomb Raider's biggest achievement is that it doesn't feel like a video game movie; it feels like a film made explicitly for the medium it's in.

It is merely confirmation of one of the worst kept secrets in video games, Kotaku reported. The twists and turns that are supposed to be shocking and draw you in to the story are delivered in such an underwhelming way, numerous background characters are one dimensional set pieces, and the dialouge is awful.

The script by Geneva Robertson-Dworet and Alastir Siddons is very much a connect-the-dots affair, unburdened by the need for subtlety, subtext or deep characterization - how many times we hear the father go all soft and call his daughter by her pet name "Sprout" can not be tabulated. All of these worked to underpin already engaging gameplay with an enjoyable narrative weight and emotional stakes. Tomb Raider basically doesn't give Lara an arc. Forgive the spoiler, but it's such a fundamental crime against the fundamentals of Tomb Raider that I have to mention it: There is no explicit supernatural anything in Tomb Raider.

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If Tomb Raider hasn't aged particularly well, it still holds a special place in the pantheon of video game movies-which is a little like being the most distinguished pile of garbage, but still.

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