SpaceX Mars Rocket Will Begin Test Flights as Early as 2019

Courtesy of Matt Lief Anderson  HBO

Courtesy of Matt Lief Anderson HBO

In an accompanying tweet, Musk made it clear that the feat was performed to inspire: "Life can not just be about solving one sad problem after another".

Elon Musk released a handsome new short video about launching the Tesla Roadster driven by "Starman", a dummy equipped with a spacesuit, in space on the Falcon Heavy, SpaceX's latest rocket.

The Falcon Heavy will ultimately be used to launch extremely heavy satellites into orbit and - assuming that colonizing Mars ever becomes a reality - carry thousands of pounds of cargo. That's why we did it. "We did for you", Elon Musk wrote.

The video was made by Jonathan "Jonah" Nolan, a British-American screenwriter best known for his work with his brother Christopher Nolan and as the creator of HBO's Westworld.

He teased one Twitter user before the show that his free ticket to see the billionaire exec would be "worth every penny" and indulged his audience with jokes and answers to unrelated questions, such as who inspires him - Fred Astaire and Kanye West. "This is not a movie trailer".

"We are building the first ship, or interplanetary ship, right now", Musk said during a surprise Q&A session at South by Southwest.

A few weeks removed from launch, Starman and his trusty Roadster are still orbiting in outer space. While the load of the first run - sports vehicle Tesla Roadster with a mannequin in a space suit behind the wheel - out on a hyperbolic orbit, and then, according to the idea of SpaceX, will journey into deep space in a heliocentric orbit: first will pass the orbit of Mars, and then on to the asteroid belt.

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