Video shows armed officer stood outside while Florida school shooting took place

Obtained by ABC

Obtained by ABC

Sheriff Scott Israel blasted Peterson eight days after the shooting, saying the deputy should have entered the building immediately, "addressed the killer, killed the killer".

"Be advised we have possible - could be firecrackers - I think we have shots fired, possible shots fired", he said.

The surveillance footage shows Peterson outside a school building at that time.

If Peterson knew the location of the shooter, Broward County Sheriff's Office mass shooting guidelines required him to enter the building and kill or stop the gunman. The video captured him hurrying across the campus as the massacre was unfolding and then - while, police said, the shooting continued - standing outside for several minutes without seeming to take cover. Throughout the video, he remains outside of the building.

A Florida judge earlier this week agreed with news outlets including the AP that the video should be released.

In the video, Peterson is seen standing near an entrance to the school.

Peterson was suspended and then resigned his post, and in a statement released by his lawyer said that he thought the gunfire originated from outside and reacted accordingly by waiting for the suspect there.

He also radioed the sheriff's office, issuing a warning about the incident. His actions were enough to warrant an internal affairs investigation, as requested by Sheriff Israel on February 21.

Peterson's attorney, Joseph DiRuzzo, did not return a call and email Thursday seeking comment.

Grollnek said there are only three reasons a perimeter should be set up: if a manhunt is underway and police are trying to prevent the shooter's escape; if police want to prevent the scene from being trampled so police dogs can get a good scent; or in a hostage situation, to prevent innocent bystanders from getting shot in crossfire.

"In accordance with Florida law, we are prohibited from discussing any other details of the IA investigation until the case has concluded", the sheriff's office added.

Another batch of 911 calls have been released from the day of the Parkland high school shooting in Florida.

While Scot Peterson did not enter the building to confront the shooter, 21-year IL police officer Randy Petersen (no relation) said it's a complicated situation.

In the newly released clip, Peterson can be seen outside the school as the shots began, he and another man knock on a door before turning and walking in the other direction.

Watch the footage in the video player above. The sheriff's office, meanwhile, ultimately reversed course and said it supported making the footage public.

Police and school officials had resisted the release, saying it was evidence in an active investigation.

Seventeen people, including 14 children, died after gunman Nikolas Cruz, a former student, allegedly opened fire.

Levenson ordered the sheriff's office to release a version of the video with "the identities of the students and unknown witnesses" removed between noon Thursday and noon Friday.

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