Vince Staples Drops New Song and GoFundMe Page Aimed At His Haters

Vince Staples wants $2m to “shut the fuck up forever.”

Vince Staples wants $2m to “shut the fuck up forever.”

Vince Staples is notoriously outspoken, sometimes combative, and nearly always hilarious on social media and in interviews. As you probably realized by now, it was used as a flawless marketing tool for the roll out of Staples' new song. In classic Vince fashion, he was brutally honest. We look forward to more soundtrack appearances and hopefully a new album soon, "robot video game" beats and all.

Earlier this week, Vince Staples randomly launched a GoFundMe campaign to financially support his lifestyle.

The new track is a perfectly defiant one that finds Staples going at his critics, all of whom he's seemingly implied he doesn't care about in the past.

"We would like to give you an alternative", he continued.

Staples go on to explain, "On, you can decide to donate to the cause of two million, which will allow me to shut the f*** up forever, and you will never hear from me again. Either way we appreciate you", he said at the end of the one-minute video clip. "No songs, no interviews, no anything".

Outlining what he plans to do with the money if the target is reached, Staples says that he will move to Palmdale in California, buy a Honda and a puppy, and buy "a year's supply of soups for the homies locked down".

The message was simple: either shut up or raise $2 million to get him to shut up forever.

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