WWE Fastlane 2018: The Best And Most Surprising Moments From The PPV

Ronda Rousey Basically Confirms She's Finished Fighting in the UFC

Ronda Rousey Basically Confirms She's Finished Fighting in the UFC

I know, I know, WWE and creative go together as well as a tornado and a trailer park, but if these shows are going to continue yielding predictable results, the company might as well build the WrestleMania card on its weekly programming following the Rumble in the future. You can't just "preview" a PPV...you have to preview how things should go, in a reasonable and sane world, and then add "so of course..." and explain what Vince McMahon will probably do instead.

The main event of Fastlane was a roller-coaster ride, where it seemed at times that anyone could win. These two Championship matches feel merely like placeholders until we get the proper matches at WrestleMania, whether that's Asuka Vs. Charlotte, and a Triple Threat for the US Title with Jinder Mahal.

SmackDown itself is in dire straits lately, with poor attendance and a meager product that has failed to maximize its talent. But it's what happened after the match that has us all juiced.

On paper, the show looked fairly unexciting.

There's major speculation running that The Undertaker will be making an appearance at tonight's WWE Fast Lane event. They've crossed paths with both teams after that intense promo on the 27th of February of Smackdown Live.

Randy Orton wants Bobby Roode's US title while Charlotte puts up the WWE SmackDown Women's Championship against Ruby Riott. After almost twenty minutes, Orton caught Roode coming off the top with an RKO for the clean pin and the title.

We also saw a bogus story hit the Internet that Cena was getting set to face Rey Mysterio.

Now I predicted earlier that Bobby Roode is going to retain his belt, and I believe he will. These could be a less charismatic Rated-RKO. At the time of this posting, we're about 3 hours away from the Six Pack Challenge for the WWE Championship. They even interrupted the Usos and New Day verbal confrontation and scared off both teams.

The Uso's and The New Day renew their critically acclaimed rivalry from previous year.

Now I already made the match card predictions, and you can find those in a link further down.

The Usos vs. New Day for the Smackdown Tag Titles: The latest chapter of a good, long term rivalry. It's time for some fresh faces in the tag team scene.

WHAT IT IS: It's the hottest babyface on the show vs the Royal Rumble victor, who is also a legend in Japan, a charisma machine, and a guy about whom everyone said things like "he doesn't need to be messed with or fixed, he just needs to be turned loose" and "if WWE finds a way to screw him up they are the dumbest company alive".

Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he could become so distressed that he looks for every last-ditch effort to cling on to the WrestleMania card, whether it's unsafe to himself or to others. It should be Nak wrestling a heel to give him some momentum heading into Mania, after months of just being sort of there.

Now, however, it suits him better since Rusev needed a strong showing.

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