Classic SEGA games are coming to the Switch

Nintendo teams up with VC fund to work on new tech for Switch

Nintendo teams up with VC fund to work on new tech for Switch

Now, decades after Nintendo essentially eliminated the Sega Genesis console, Sega is having to rely on its former competitor to keep its games in distribution.

And the latest announcement concerns some new retro titles being brought to Nintendo's latest console. The company has announced that it will bring its classic titles to the Switch as part of a series called "Sega Ages". That's the same company responsible for a large number of Sega's previous re-releases, and they've proven to be reliable in terms of ensuring that the ported version of each title retains the spirit of the originals while featuring modest modern updates.

So far, we know about a handful of the games that will be released over the course of this year, including Sonic the Hedgehog, Alex Kidd In Miracle World, Gain Ground, Phantasy Star and Thunder Force IV. The first SEGA AGES batch will come out this summer.

Sega revealed that a bunch of classic Sega Mega Drive and Sega Master System titles will be released on Nintendo Switch under the Sega Ages label.

Sega Ages was a series of retro compilations released on the Sega Saturn back in mid-90s. Additionally, PC, Xbox One and PS4 players will get the chance to play Shenmeu I & II, which were originally released on the Sega Dreamcast console. Now we just need to wait for E3 to roll around so Sega can provide us with a release schedule, as well as when Saturn, Dreamcast and arcade games will start rolling in.

During the Sega Fes 2018 held at the weekend, the Japanese company announced the return of the SEGA Ages series on Nintendo Switch, with the aim of reviving a selection of great classics of the "80s and" 90s.

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