David Humphreys releases statement on Greitens allegations

Rauner calls on Missouri Gov. Greitens to resign over scandal

Rauner calls on Missouri Gov. Greitens to resign over scandal

Republican Representative Don Phillips - who served as vice-chair of the House committee that released Wednesday's report - released a statement shortly after the release from Greitens' legal team.

Humphreys is an executive at TAMKO Building Products in Joplin. That probe came after media reports that Greitens' campaign had obtained and used a charity donor list in 2015 as it ramped up fundraising for his gubernatorial bid.

Richardson said the committee gave Greitens the opportunity to testify. Greitens insists that the relationship was consensual and rejects allegations of violence but he has been indicted for invasion of privacy for allegedly blackmailing a woman with a photograph of her.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill talks with Missouri Lawyer Regular and sure Republican challenger Josh Hawley all through the Governor's Ham Breakfast on the Missouri State Truthful in Sedalia, Mo., Aug. 17, 2017.

Greitens' defense team said the St. Louis Circuit Attorney's Office said the video recording of the mistress' deposition was inaudible.

The letter was also signed by Republican Sens. Jamilah Nasheed of St. Louis first floated the idea of stopping future votes. She said she had a crush on Greitens but was shocked when he ran his hand up her leg and touched her crotch without her consent during a March 2015 hair appointment.

Kevin Corlew is calling for Gov. Eric Greitens resignation and promising to push for impeachment if the governor doesn't step down.

Greitens, 44, has pushed back against the claims, saying he won't resign because he's supposedly a target of a "political witch hunt" - a term frequently used by Trump, who's himself accused of sexual misconduct by almost two dozen women. Via Associated Press the Missouri House Leader also said that the special committee would consider whether or not to impeach the governor over this sex scandal.

KOLR10 is taking a deeper dive into the details contained within the house committee's report surrounding its investigation into Governor Greitens' affair.

Frank Bowman, a law professor at the University of Missouri, said Thursday he didn't think the release of the report was as harmful to the jury pool.

The defense team claimed prosecutors maintained a video of the meeting of the woman has been lost due to your recorder malfunction, however, afterward shared the movie Wednesday night following the release of the report of the Legislature.

The report, which focuses on the unnamed woman's recounting of events, pulls into question just how consensual the relationship was and other claims that have been made in recent weeks.

"All the allegations are that it changes something", he said.

So far Greitens has resisted calls to step down while members of his private celebration identify for it.

Earlier in the day, Greitens told reporters: "This is a political witch hunt", invoking one of President Donald Trump's favored criticisms of unwanted investigations.

On top of that, Martin claimed the tape shows major flaws in K.S.'s testimony and that it tells "an entirely different story about K.S.'s interaction with the governor and it undercuts her credibility".

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