Dubai to become first city to test digital license plates

According to the city's transport minister- all information will be monitored by a nerve centre

According to the city's transport minister- all information will be monitored by a nerve centre

Vehicle number plates will soon go digital in Dubai in a trial starting in May.

You can also pay for parking via an e-wallet connected to the digital plates and incredibly, if someone attempts to steal the auto or steal the plate, the word "stolen" will flash up.

The city will begin its digital license plates trial next month, according to the BBC. "I'm very, very curious".

Vehicles will be fitted with smart plates with digital screens, Global Positioning System and transmitters and the new plates will be able to inform emergency services if a driver meets an accident, the BBC reported.

According to Gulf News, the numbers and design of the plates can be changed online via the RTA's website or smartphone app. Symbols can be automatically added to the plate when the auto is being driven by a new or learner driver.

The smart plate will be linked to a driver's traffic file and e-purse, allowing the motorists to carry out vehicle registration, testing and pay fines or fees on the go.

"The digital plate, called Tag to Connect, is a smart screen that will replace the current metal plate", Sultan Abdullah Al Marzouqi, Roads and Transport Authority's (RTA) Director of Vehicle Licensing Department, told Khaleej Times.

Dubai is determined to become a global leader in technology and is implementing a range of trials to test emerging technologies in everyday use.

'The digital plate will also allow vehicles to connect with each other.

Anyone fitted with a smart plate would be hooked up to a central system so cars could communicate with each other about traffic or accidents ahead. Sultan Abdullah says the financial details will only be able to be determined once the trial ends. By 2030, it hopes to have a self-driving fleet of vehicles that comprise 1/4 of its public transport.

Last year, the city made headlines over its plans to introduce drone taxis to help overcome congestion issues. The pods would be capable of transporting passengers to Abu Dhabi, UAE's capital, in 12 minutes, a distance that takes around 80 minutes to drive.

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