Federal Bureau of Investigation probing Michael Cohen's 'personal business dealings'

Cohen is Trump's personal lawyer

Cohen is Trump's personal lawyer

Cohen's attorneys plead their case Friday, but U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood delayed the hearing until Monday and ordered Cohen to appear in person.

Mr Cohen wants the judge to let his lawyers or a court-appointed "special master" review the seized materials to decide what can be turned over without violating his clients' rights to shield communications with their lawyers. Justice Department regulations require prosecutors to have a "taint team" not involved in the underlying investigation to sift through seized materials and make sure prosecutors don't see things that aren't relevant or are protected by lawyer-client privilege.

"We have every reason to believe that some of the documents seized relate to my client", he said.

Trump is also said to be annoyed with Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein for approving the search warrant for the raid on Cohen, The New York Times reported.

President Donald Trump's circle is reportedly more concerned about the ongoing case involving his lawyer, Michael Cohen, than it is about the special counsel investigation into his campaign.

Cohen is due to appear in federal court on Monday in connection with a raid this week on his NY office and home by agents with the Federal Bureau of Investigation that was based in part on a referral from Mueller.

Despite the Cohen matter being unrelated to Mueller's Russian Federation investigation and the obstruction probe into Trump, the FBI raid on Monday infuriated the president and reportedly prompted him and his lawyers to scrap plans for a sit-down interview with Mueller. The president's lawyers have said they want to review the documents that were confiscated. Municipal records show Cohen and his wife have 32 taxi medallions in New York City and at least 22 in Chicago.

A 22-page opposition document filed by the United States attorney to counter Cohen's request for a temporary restraining order on seized files (pdf) reveals that the Southern District has been privy to Cohen's email for a while now, having obtained a previously undisclosed search warrant.

While Trump had the "utmost interest" in ensuring that the process of preserving attorney-client privilege was respected, so did the public - and anyone who has ever sought legal counsel, Hendon said.

"I am confident that we're not talking about two or three or five or seven different women, we're going to get well into the double digits when it's all said and done", Avenatti said on MSNBC's AM Joy Saturday.

Avanetti then made his argument, to be expended on in another hearing later on Friday.

Potter explained that Cohen's "hush money" to Daniels is considered an "in kind contribution by Cohen to the Trump campaign, which is about $126,500 above what he's allowed to give".

Cohen previously, whose real name is Stephanie Clifford, to keep her from sharing details of an alleged 2006 affair with Trump.

Public corruption prosecutors in the USA attorney's office in Manhattan are trying to determine, according to one person familiar with the investigation, if there was any fraud related to payments to McDougal and Clifford.

Cohen has denied wrongdoing.

Cohen did not instantly respond to a petition comment.

The raids enraged Trump, who called them an "attack on the country".

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