Greens announce plan to legalise cannabis

Up in smoke! Health Minister slams marijuana as a 'gateway to ice' as the Greens call for a 'people's vote' on legalising pot

Up in smoke! Health Minister slams marijuana as a 'gateway to ice' as the Greens call for a 'people's vote' on legalising pot

"The tax revenue will better resource the health system in delivering treatment services, drug education, harm minimisation and other supports for people who need it", Greens leader Richard Di Natale said.

As 29 American states have decriminalised weed, with eight fully legalising it for recreational use, not one state has seen a rise in marijuana use.

As part of the plan, an agency would be created to be the sole wholesaler of cannabis, as well as the outlet responsible for issuing licenses for prospective growers and retailers.

"Patients need to have the ability to find out what works for them and, since we don't have insurance coverage, what is best for their bottom line", he said.

'It is my view that cannabis should be sold within an age-restricted retail environment, separate from the sale of alcohol or cigarettes, ' he told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday. "It drives people away from getting help when they need it and exposes them to a unsafe black market".

Recently, several states in the U.S. have legalised recreational marijuana - in California this has amounted to a billion dollar industry.

In a statement, detailing the proposal the party went on to say that Gardaí would be instructed to tolerate Dutch-style "coffee shops", which allow sale and consumption of cannabis for over-18s, albeit under certain conditions. "The very nature of law enforcement, when you have it focused on this sort of "use and possess' crime or activity, is that it will discriminate against people that are most vulnerable", he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC)".

The advisory board also added new conditions that can be treated with medical marijuana, including cancer remission therapy and neurodegenerative and spastic movement disorders. "The courts are clogged with people [on drugs charges]", Bartone said.

"Nearly 7 million Australians choose to use cannabis", he said. "That made men and women feel like they had to act in secret for doing something as normal as taking medicine or having a glass of wine in the evening".

The party is confident that now is the right time for change on cannabis in Ireland.

"The public is way ahead of the politicians on this", Senator Di Natale said.

The Greens' proposal is the first time that members of the Australian Parliament have officially advocated full cannabis legalization.

Mr Moran added: 'It's no longer that unusual or "out there" to support the legislation of cannabis.

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