Hands-On With Apple's Stunning Red iPhone 8

Apple releases a red iPhone 8

Apple releases a red iPhone 8

It is worth noting that Apple has yet to announce a new red color option for the iPhone X. Instead, the company's latest flagship smartphone will get a special red leather casing.

First off, the new red iPhone 8 and 8 Plus models have black fronts, as opposed to the white on the previous models. Sadly, there's no red iPhone X for reasons unknown, but Apple is putting out a Product RED folio case so you can at least buy an accessory for the device that sends some of the purchase price to a good cause.

What is infuriating to many iPhone 8 owners who sought third-party repairs is that their devices were perfectly functional prior to the update, so it's nearly malicious that Apple would take this step to cripple their devices.

Basically the same is happening to the iPhone 8 as well.

Last year, Apple released software update that disabled touchscreen from working on iPhone 7, 7 Plus with third-party repaired displays.

Apple also introduced a new (PRODUCT) RED iPhone X Leather Folio, which will be available beginning tomorrow. Apple has changed that this year by offering the color that many wanted to see with last year's edition. It certainly does a better job of hiding them than the space gray iPhone, but the red isn't bright enough to eliminate smudges completely.

Apple has previously supported this organisation back in 2006 with similarly branded devices, the company has since donated over US$160 million to the RED worldwide fund, making Apple the largest corporate donor.

APPLE'S RECENTLY-RELEASED iOS 11.3 update is reportedly killing touch functionality on iPhone 8 handsets that have undergone third-party screen replacements.

RED iPhone will be available for order online in select countries and regions starting today after 8.30pm. This is because the affected phones are those belonging to users who had a screen fix performed by a third-party rather than Apple themselves.

You can now download PRODUCT (RED) wallpaper which Apple showed off in its marketing material for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

As of now, if your iPhone 8/ 8 Plus is suffering from the same issue, then it's advisable to get your phone checked at an authorised Apple service centre.

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