Israeli military strikes Hamas targets after bomb explodes on Gaza border

Soldiers laugh at unarmed Palestinian man being shot dead

Soldiers laugh at unarmed Palestinian man being shot dead

The Hamas fighters were apparently shooting at an Israeli jet, which was carrying out strikes in Gaza in response to an explosive device at Israel's border fence on Wednesday.

The State Department said Tuesday that the media production company had recently received an $11,700 grant from the US government.

The Sri Lanka Journalists for Global Justice (SLJGJ) has called upon journalists and peace loving people worldwide to unite in condemning the killing of Palestinian journalist Yasser Murtaja while on duty.

It said the grant was vetted according to strict USA government requirements of USAID-funded assistance. Ain Media became a USAID program beneficiary last month under a program that supports private sector development.

But the criticism and defense in the worldwide arena was nothing compared to the debate at home, where parties on the far left have accused the Israeli military of having a "trigger-happy policy" and the government insisting that a domestic or global inquiry into Israel's reactions to "orchestrated violence" is unjustified.

The State Department official said she could not provide further details on the vetting process for USAID grants or say whether recipients would be checked against Israeli blacklists.

Public Security Minister Gilan Erdan said critics of the soldiers behavior are "crazy", arguing that they were "under stress". The Israeli military says it is investigating.

It was not initially clear when or where the video was taken, but it drew attention after 10 days of protests in Gaza, during which some 30 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces.

Murtaja had worked as a cameraman on a documentary by the Chinese artist Ai Weiwei and had filmed others for outlets such as Al Jazeera. According to The Washington Post, five other journalists were injured.

Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman said the sniper deserved a medal - but that the soldier who filmed it should be demoted.

The tunnels Hamas invested so heavily in, at the expense of the humanitarian needs of Gaza's residents, have been rendered ineffective by IDF technology. He holds a rank similar to captain. Used his drone to collect intel on Israeli positions.

"There are many difficulties", he said. "He's like a loose cannon. but I don't think he has a tendency to lie when it comes to state security matters". "He wants to justify his soldiers' murder against journalists". One of the organization's leaders, Ismail Haniyeh, attended Murtaja's funeral.

As widespread protests along the Gaza border entered a second week last Friday, IDF spokesman Jonathan Conricus denied Israel is using excessive force against protesters in Gaza. Lieberman claimed that "e$3 veryone's connected to Hamas, everyone gets a salary from Hamas".

As global calls mount to investigate the violence, Israel has named several of those killed as being affiliated with Hamas' military wing.

Israeli forces fire live ammunition, tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at protesting Palestinians.

The machine gun fire also set off sirens in southern Israel, the army said. Israel was already facing global scrutiny and accusations of disproportionate use of force over these recent killings. Israel issues a permit for me to go into Palestine. The army said he was "a few meters" from the fence.

Israeli soldiers can be heard discussing the shot against the Palestinian man near the border fence. But he added, "this in and of itself is not a criterion" for opening fire.

Tens of thousands of Palestinians have gathered at five main sites along the Gaza Strip's border with Israel on the past two Fridays in what has been dubbed the "Great March of Return". The Israeli army said the incident took place in December before recent border protests.

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