"Kingdom Hearts III" Tries Some Mini-Games in Classic Kingdom Trailer

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III

It all went down at the Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] event, titled "Dandelion Meeting", that celebrates the mobile game.

Several weeks have passed without news of Kingdom Hearts III, but fortunately, Square Enix surprised us with a new trailer of its title.

These LCD games seem to be a call out to Nintendo's portable Game & Watch titles from the 1980s.

The latest trailer showcases a couple of the classic games in action such as The Barnyard Battle, which is a pretty self-explanatory, and Giant land where you have to try and escape from an evil giants lair. This is the second Pixar world to be included in Kingdom Hearts 3 so far, the first being Toy Story.

However, retail giant Target recently listed November 1 as the release date of Kingdom Hearts 3 on its preorder listing and since it's a Thursday, it's safe to assume that this is just a placeholder date as games aren't usually released on a Thursday. However, a possible release date leak suggests it will happen near the end of the year.

Kingdom Hearts III is still lacking a precise release date, although we've already been informed about the launch in 2018. The retailer later changed the release date to December 31, indicating that the game will arrive this year.

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