Off-duty border agent arrested with drugs, gun in California

Texas Border Patrol supervisor charged in deaths of woman, child

Texas Border Patrol supervisor charged in deaths of woman, child

Authorities say the suspect reportedly called 9-1-1 claiming he found the bodies near a park.

Video footage aired by NBC on Wednesday shows US Border Patrol agents escorting an injured and mentally disturbed man back into Mexico in apparent violation of global agreements.

He said Grizelda Hernandez, 27, and her son, Dominick Alexander Hernandez, likely were killed Monday near the park, which is adjacent to the Rio Grande and just south of the World Trade Bridge that carries traffic between the US and Mexico.

Ronald Anthony Burgos-Aviles, 28, was charged with two counts of capital murder, the Laredo Police Department in Laredo, Texas confirmed on April 10, 2018.

Authorities declined to provide the manner of death for the two.

U.S. Border Patrol agents were caught on video trying to illegally deport a mentally unstable man who they did not identify to Mexico by falsely claiming he wasn't in their custody in a video obtained by NBC News.

Border Patrol agents in the Yuma Sector found an adult MS-13 member hiding in a group of 61 illegal immigrants found in the desert.

In a later exchange, the USA and Mexican officials debated whether the man was truly Mexican, and one of the U.S. agents admitted he wasn't certain. Whether Burgos-Aviles was the child's father has still to be determined because the investigation is remains in its early stages, said Baeza. "No one is more sickened than we are at the thought of someone wearing this uniform committing such a heinous act".

This is an "isolated incident", a CBP spokesman told NBC News. Montes said in a lawsuit that he was told to keep walking until he found himself on the Mexican side of the border.

Relations between the United States and Mexico have been tense since Donald Trump won presidential election in 2016 with a campaign heavy on anti-Mexican rhetoric and promises to build a border wall.

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