Organizers Plan Las Cruces March For Science

Organizers Plan Las Cruces March For Science

Organizers Plan Las Cruces March For Science

The city-leg of the march-attended by over 250 people-was organised by March For Science Organising Committee (MFS OC) and NGO, Breakthrough Science Society (BSS).

In more than 230 cities around the world - from Durban, South Africa to Washington DC and Sydney, Australia as well as Munich, Frankfurt and Cologne in Germany - marchers and demonstrators turned out for the second annual March for Science. An essay contest for the High School students and a poster contest for the middle school students are part of this year's march.

Mittleman, who works in science communications, told CNN she was advocating for "so many things!"

"Too often nowadays, decisions are based on ideology or special interests rather than empirical evidence", said attendee Randolph Bower, an air-pollution scientist at a Research Triangle Park firm. The rally included opportunities to register to vote or apply for an absentee ballot, make signs, get a button, sign up for mailing lists and listen to a slew of speakers ranging from experts in physics, computer science and geology to a local comedian talk about the importance of science and facts.

"We're here because no one wants to be led by the gut feelings of our elected officials", Sheila Jasanoff, a professor of science and technology studies at Harvard, said in Washington.

"I also feel passionately about science education", she added.

At a public meeting after the march, organisers read out messages from geneticist M.S. Swaminathan and former Anna University Vice-Chancellor M. Anandakrishnan.

Participation in March for Science rallies in Germany was lower than expected.

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