Pakistani troops killed, 5 injured in border clashes with Afghan forces

2 Pakistani security personnel killed in attack from across Afghan border

2 Pakistani security personnel killed in attack from across Afghan border

"Pakistani troops are exercising maximum restraint so as to avoid any Afghan civilian casualties", the Pakistan Army's public relations department said, adding that five soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Initially, Afghan National Police interim chief Colonel Abdul Hanan told Anadolu Agency that two Pakistani troops were arrested during the clash.

According to ISPR, the troops were carrying out routine surveillance in Kurram Agency for plugging of gaps and making necessary preparations to start fencing along Afghan border.

Witnesses in Kurram agency said that armed tribesmen rushed to the border to help Pakistani security forces.

Eight people, including six Pakistani border troops were killed during ongoing border clashes between Afghanistan and Pakistan on Sunday, according to officials.

Tribal elders reportedly made announcements at several mosques, appealing the tribesmen to join the security forces on the border.

The ISPR statement further said that the officials were reviewing fencing arrangements on the border when the incident occurred.

Afghanistan and Pakistan share a 2,430-kilometer (1,510-mile) long disputed border region called the Durand Line, named after the British colonial officer Sir Mortimer Durand who drew it between the then British India and Afghanistan in 1896.

Clashes are still underway, he said. Two Pakistani security forces were also detained on Afghan soil, he added. He claimed that the Afghan forces have also captured Pakistani soldiers, but refused to reveal their number.

Earlier this month, Afghanistan accused Pakistan of carrying out air strikes in its Kunar province, causing "massive property damage" - charges Islamabad vehemently denied. Pakistan and Afghanistan share almost 2,600-kilometer, mostly porous, border and both sides routinely accuse each other of initiating cross-border skirmishes.

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