Pravin Togadia quits as President after three decades

Aide loses VHP chief poll Pravin Togadia his post

Aide loses VHP chief poll Pravin Togadia his post

Bringing an end to the Praveen Togadia era, former Himachal Pradesh governor VS Kokje was on Saturday elected as VHP's new worldwide president for which voting was held for the first time in over five decades. For the welfare of Hindus, I left my home and my lucrative medical practice.

Togadia's strong pro-Hindutva remarks were not in sync with Modi who was trying to reinvent himself for a larger national role. He added that though associated with the VHP "for the past 32 years", he was "no longer with the organisation". Once close friends who rode on the same scooter in Ahmedabad, the two had differences soon after Modi won the Gujarat election in 2002.

"This blatant anti-Narendra Modi and anti-BJP stance is not the style of the sangh now".

"Cases were registered against thousands of Hindus and they were put in jail", he alleged. Eleven cow-protectors in Jharkhand were given life imprisonment (by a court) after his statement.

"It is very shocking and saddening to see such a grand VHP that we all built to this fantastic level being made to bend, not for Hindu well-being but for individual whims and fancies of some powermongers", said Togadia after congratulating the new team, according to The Indian Express.

All these years he and his associates have been fighting for these causes but to no avail, Togadia said, alleging that "for the last six months, enormous pressure was put on me instead to stop making all these demands".

Togadia had informally been the leader of the VHP since 2003 and was formally appointed to the post in 2011.

Before the 2017 Gujarat assembly elections, Togadia had criticised the BJP-led government at the Centre.

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