Prosecutors in Cosby retrial build to conclusion of case

Andrea Constand plaintiff for the Bill Cosby trial arrives at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the sixth day of his sexual assault retrial

Andrea Constand plaintiff for the Bill Cosby trial arrives at the Montgomery County Courthouse for the sixth day of his sexual assault retrial

Constand is Cosby's chief accuser in a case that lacks virtually any forensic evidence.

Her mum Gianna Constand took the stand on Monday, after she informed the court that her son turned out & rdquo; when she returned by the United States & ldquo; not the exact same.

"When I was talking to him my anger was so fierce, I had broken capillaries in my eyes and my eyes were like two pools of blood", Constand, who traveled from Ontario, Canada to testify, said of the January 2005 phone call.

Mesereau was trying to portray Constand to jurors as the aggressor, suggesting she pursued Cosby for a romantic relationship and preyed on the loneliness he felt after the 1997 killing of his son, Ennis, even though such activity may have been barred by her employment.

The comments came on the second day of testimony for Constand, the former Temple University employee who testified that Cosby acted as a mentor to her, gained her trust, and then drugged and sexually assaulted her in 2004.

Constand agreed, saying he she wanted it to go away, too.

Constand said she didn't remember taking a required sexual assault and harassment training seminar when she started working at Temple, or another one on avoiding conflicts of interest, such as fraternizing with board trustees.

Bill Cosby departs after his sexual assault retrial, Monday, April 16.

She says Cosby told her he gave Andrea Constand a prescription drug but didn't give her the name.

Constand's mother followed her on the witness stand and bolstered her account, testifying about a phone conversation she said she had with the comedian about a year after the alleged assault in which he described in graphic detail their sexual account and then apologized.

While Ms Jackson says she worked closely with Ms Constand and considered her a friend, Ms Constand says she does not "recall ever having a conversation with" her.

Constand, a 45-year-old Toronto native, left the witness stand Monday after testifying for seven hours over two days.

Prosecutors are building to the conclusion of their case against Cosby with investigators and a pharmaceutical expert expected to take the stand beginning Tuesday.

When asked about the $3 million settlement between her daughter and Cosby, Gianna Constand said she did not know how much money was involved until she read about it in a newspaper. Cosby settled the case for about $3.4 million.

For example, she told police that on the night of the assault in January 2004 she called Cosby to open the gate. Both worked at Temple University around the time Constand says Cosby drugged and molested her at his suburban Philadelphia home.

Gianna Constand had some testy exchanges with Cosby attorney Kathleen Bliss during cross-examination.

Bill Cosby's chief accuser at his sexual-assault trial on Monday denied framing him and said she doesn't know a key witness who plans to testify she spoke of levelling false accusations against a celebrity.

Phone records show the former director of women's basketball operations at Temple University made brief calls to Cosby around the time of a Temple home game on February 14, 2004. And she said her phone calls to Cosby were about basketball and had nothing to do with romance.

The judge in Bill Cosby's sexual assault retrial says he's seeing the courtroom clearly again after having emergency surgery over the weekend to fix a torn retina.

Gianna Constand said she was "very combative" with Cosby, demanding he tell her the medication he'd given her daughter and what he'd done to her. He says the encounter was consensual.

The former TV star's first trial ended with the jury unable to reach a verdict.

Bill Cosby has arrived for the sixth day of his sexual assault retrial where he will again come face-to-face with his primary accuser.

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